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Persons accessing the website of MAX HAURI AG agree to the following terms and conditions of use (subject to changes):

MAX HAURI AG shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damage resulting from or within the context of access, use or enquiries on the MAX HAURI website or its links to other websites; also if MAX HAURI AG has previously notified of the possibilities of such damage.
The website may contain links to external, third-party websites with contents and technical design which MAX HAURI AG is unable to influence or assume any liability for. Connections to linked websites at own risk.

We do not assume any liability for the correctness of the information distributed via the MAX HAURI website. In particular, MAX HAURI AG shall not guarantee correctness, reliability, nor completeness of the information featured on the company's website.

MAX HAURI AG shall in particular not be liable for damage resulting from transmission faults, technical defects and faults, operative downtimes or illegal interventions in users', authorised persons' or third parties' IT systems as well as damage resulting from public systems and transmission networks. Furthermore, MAX HAURI AG shall not be liable for damage as a result of faults, interruptions (including system-based maintenance work) or overloads of any IT systems.

Activating certain links on the MAX HAURI website may cause users to leave the MAX HAURI website. MAX HAURI AG has not verified other websites linked to the MAX HAURI website and shall not assume any responsibility for their contents, the available products, services or any other offers.

The information available on the MAX HAURI website is provided by MAX HAURI AG for information purposes only. The information may be changed by MAX HAURI AG at any time and without prior announcements.

We are hereby explicitly disassociating ourselves from all contents of all linked pages on our homepage. This declaration shall apply to all links on our website.


The entire contents of the MAX HAURI website are protected by copyright (all rights reserved). Downloading or printing individual pages and/or parts of the MAX HAURI website shall be permitted insofar as neither copyright information, not other legally protected trademarks are removed. In the event that data is downloaded from the MAX HAURI website or duplicated in any other way, all rights affecting said data shall remain with MAX HAURI AG. Reproduction, transfers (electronic or by other means), modifications, links or the use of the MAX HAURI website (neither in whole, nor in part) for public or commercial purposes shall not be permitted without prior, written approval by MAX HAURI AG. 



At MAX HAURI AG we are fully committed to protecting your privacy. We permanently strive towards being able to guarantee you maximum levels of confidentiality and security.



We are legally obliged to notify you of the owner of the data collection featuring your personal data. The owner of the data collection is MAX HAURI AG, Weidstrasse 16, 9220

When handling your personal data we shall be obliged to strictly comply with the specifications of the Swiss Data Protection Act (including data protection regulations). We protect the privacy of any person using our websites and treat customer data you have entrusted us with confidentially. We do not sell or promote personal customer data. With your order you give consent to us forwarding information about payment processing to credit, trade and business information institutions in an effort to verify your payment profile and creditworthiness. We also exclusively hand over customer data to partner companies supporting us in concluding and processing the order. These companies must have also declared compliance to data protection regulations.
You have the right to enforce your data protection rights at any time and obtain information about the saved, personal data, correct your personal data, object to processing your personal data or demand your personal data is deleted. We reserve the rights to electronically send messages to you (in particular by email) in this context.



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