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The lighting industry is creative, individual and flexible. So are we. We are a fast and competent partner for our customers in the lighting technology sector. With the new LED technology, the entire industry is in a state of upheaval and is under great pressure. We advise you on the selection of the best components for your products!

We convert innovative ideas of our customers into prototypes. Once series production begins, we take care of the wiring and supply ready-to-assemble assemblies with special components such as efficient LED ceramic boards and high-quality metal and plastic parts. At MAX HAURI AG, the luminaire manufacturer gets everything from a single source: from the brilliant LED board to the dimmable ballast, from simple mounting materials to the customer-specific connecting cable. As a lighting technology specialist, we are familiar with the most important international standards and will be pleased to help you.

The light emitting diode (LED) is a light-emitting semiconductor device. These LEDs have become increasingly efficient in recent years due to technological advances. The light yield has been steadily increased. Today, conventional light sources are mainly replaced by LED technology. The long service life and energy efficiency of LEDs (service life data such as L90/B10) speak for this. These are achieved by constant current control of the modules. In our LUGA Shop or LUGA C modules from Vossloh-Schwabe, special light colours such as Pearlwhite or Clearwhite have been developed for the textile industry in order to meet its high requirements.

Today's requirements for luminaires are called Human Centric Lighting HCL and Tunable White. HCL puts the human being in the centre. Special light components in the warm white and cold white range influence the melatonin and cortisol levels in the human eye, which increases or decreases the concentration of the illuminated persons accordingly. This has already been proven in independent studies. Tunable White is the simpler version and adjusts the light colour to the current time between 2700° Kelvin and 6500° Kelvin (unit of measurement for light colour). In the morning, after sunrise, the blue component in white light stimulates the human organism. In the evening, the red component in the light provides more peace and relaxation for the organism.

Our products are used in high-quality lighting solutions for shop, office and storage areas. The LED modules are available as LED spots and linear lighting boards. High system efficiency is achieved with precisely matched LED modules and LED drivers or converters. The latest technologies such as COB (chip on board) and DOB (driver on board) have become further highlights in current LED components. A higher efficiency is achieved with ceramic boards, e.g. our LUGA Line, and specially developed LED optics. The temperature management is optimized by the ceramic boards. This gives the LED chips a longer lifetime > 100'000 h (hours).

The standardised bus protocol DALI allows the luminaires to be dimmed, switched and controlled individually. Standardisation is also important for luminaire manufacturers. For example EN62471, which contains the photobiological safety, which quantifies the luminance of the LEDs.

Our customers include luminaire manufacturers, mirror cabinet manufacturers, lighting planners, lighting and luminaire designers.

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