Sustainable action at MAX HAURI

Sustainability at MAX HAURI: a triad of ecology, economy and social commitment. These three pillars guide us in all our business decisions. We endeavour to have a positive impact on society and the environment by acting responsibly in these areas.

MAX HAURI not only stands for the highest quality in the manufacture and sale of electrical engineering products, but also for sustainable action in all business areas. The balance between ecology, economy and social commitment is particularly important to us. On the one hand, we rely on environmentally friendly production methods, supply chains and resource conservation in order to minimise our ecological footprint. Our environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 helps us to achieve this. On the other hand, we strive for economic sustainability, which not only ensures the continued existence of our company, but also strengthens the regional economy. At the same time, we never forget our social responsibility and are committed to the community in which we operate. In this way, MAX HAURI not only creates innovative electrotechnical solutions, but also actively shapes a more sustainable future.

Ecological sustainability

Ecological behaviour has a firm place in our company: our PV system uses solar energy, more and more of our company vehicles are sustainably electric and we use rainwater in operational processes. We also use environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the consumption of disposable materials and minimise our ecological footprint. MAX HAURI is ISO 14001 certified and a member of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) and vRB-Partner of Sens eRecycling.

Social responsibility

As a company, we pay particular attention to social responsibility. This is reflected in our fair treatment of employees and our support for the local community. We also expect our partners and suppliers to comply with our ethical Code of Conduct. MAX HAURI also promotes young talent as a training company and is a partner of

Economic sustainability

MAX HAURI combines economic stability with sustainability. We secure our position in the market for electrotechnical products through targeted investment and constant innovation. Every decision is aimed at ensuring long-term success and relevance for our customers. This responsible approach not only strengthens our profitability, but also promotes the local economy and secures jobs.

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Christian Broger
Head of Quality Management

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