What is the maximum capacity of socket-outlet adapters or power strips?

Socket-outlet adapters and power strips have been designed with a capacity of 250V/10A. In Switzerland this corresponds to a maximum of 2300W. Since 1 January 2016, power strips with T13 sockets have been equipped with an overcurrent protection that automatically disconnects the power supply in the event of loads over 2300W.

What is an RCD?

A residual current protective device (RCD) immediately disconnects the power supply once it detects a residual current to earth in excess of 10mA. Residual currents may be caused by moist/wet plug connections or unintended contact between energised conductors. Modern, domestic installations feature central residual current protective devices.
Residual current protective devices, or RCDs, effectively prevent life-threatening accidents involving electricity.

What is overvoltage protection?

Overvoltage protection represents the protection of electrical and electronic equipment from excessively high voltages. Overvoltages in the grid may be caused by an uncontrolled activation and deactivation of high loads, when operating devices from generators or when using long supply cables (e.g. several cable reels).

What is overcurrent protection?

Overcurrent protection disconnects an electrical circuit if the electrical current exceeds a specified electrical current over a defined period of time.

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Do all your products meet common stipulations (ROHS, WEEE, REACH, etc.)?

It is very important to Max Hauri AG that exclusively products are sold that meet all required stipulations at any time and without restrictions.

Where can I download the test certificates of your products?

We currently do not intend to provide this. We are happy to send you the required certificates upon request. Please contact your responsible sales adviser or our sales department.

Where can I find information about the most recent standards?

The relevant standards for each product are listed in the corresponding registration documents. Please visit for more information about standards.


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