S+ the label for proven safety

More than 750 electrical accidents occur in Switzerland every year, which equates to more than 2 incidents per day¹. It is also worrying that the majority of house and flat fires in Switzerland are caused by electrical appliances².

In 2019, one in five electrical products inspected by the Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI) had defects. As a result, 131 sales bans were issued and 21 recalls and safety information for electrical appliances were published³. It can be assumed that this negative trend will continue to worsen due to the large number of direct imports. S+ - Excellent products from MAX HAURI offer protection and safety for you and your loved ones.

Prevention is the key to success: S+ safety signs

The S+ safety mark confirms that an electrical product fulfils the legal requirements regarding electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with the Ordinance on Low-Voltage Electrical Products (NEV). It serves as a visible sign of quality and safety. By acquiring the voluntary safety mark in accordance with NEV, we are showing our colours.

We guarantee our customers compliance with legal regulations regarding electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The safety mark is issued on the basis of test reports or certificates of conformity issued by accredited test centres. Alternatively, international certificates such as CB and CCA with the corresponding test reports must be available. The safety mark is the visible proof of safe and trouble-free use of the product, which is ensured by testing and market surveillance. The safety mark therefore takes precedence over the CE marking, which is to be understood as a self-declaration by manufacturers of all types of products - not just electrical ones.

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Your benefits from S+

  • Proven safety
  • 
    Legal conformity
  • Higher standards
  • Our "S+" safety mark documents comprehensive testing by accredited bodies to ensure maximum safety.
  • We fulfil all the requirements of the Ordinance on Low-Voltage Electrical Products (NEV; SR 734.26) and are accredited in accordance with ISO certification type 2.
  • The "S+" mark goes beyond CE labelling and ensures that electrotechnical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are at the highest level.

Questions and answers about S+

What exactly does the S+ safety symbol mean?

The "S+" safety mark stands for proven safety and documents compliance with legal regulations relating to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

What advantages does the S+ safety sign offer you?

The S+ mark stands for the highest standards, so that end consumers can be sure that they are receiving a high-quality and safe product.

Why is the S+ safety sign important?

The mark serves the interests of customers, manufacturers and distributors by guaranteeing quality and safety and creating mutual trust.

Why is electromagnetic compatibility important?

Products with the S+ mark not only fulfil safety standards, but also electromagnetic compatibility requirements, which ensures interference-free operation in various environments.

Which body checks and awards the "S+" label in Switzerland?

The Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI) is the accredited certification body that awards the "S+" safety mark. It guarantees compliance with high safety standards.

My device is CE labelled. Is an S+ safety mark still necessary?

According to ISO, S+ is assigned to certification type 2, i.e. type testing with market surveillance, and therefore fulfils higher requirements for electrotechnical safety than the self-declaration with the CE mark.

Which products can carry the "S+" safety mark?

Developers, manufacturers and distributors of all types of electrical products for household, leisure, trade, industry and services can apply for the "S+" safety mark.

What is the difference between the "S+" mark and the CE mark?

The "S+" safety mark is placed above the CE mark and requires type testing with market surveillance. It therefore fulfils higher requirements for electrotechnical safety.