Cables and connectors

MAX HAURI AG supplies wide range of cables and connectors. The connector range includes various connector types and IP protection ratings for different fields of application. The cable range of MAX HAURI AG features a wide range of high quality products from standard cables to special cables and customised lengths.

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TH range

The TH range includes connectors and mobile couplings with IP55 protection ratings for use outdoors and in wet rooms.

CEE system

CEE plugs are used on construction sites as well as for industrial applications and for camping.

Plug contacts

MAX HAURI AG supplies various types of connectors for different applications.

Customised cables

Do you need a specific cable in a required length? MAX HAURI AG supplies various cable types by the metre.

Extension cables

Cable too short? Find the right extension for your cable.

Wires and strands

MAX HAURI AG supplies a wide range of wires and strands.

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