maxLUCE – LED lights in professional quality

maxLUCE features state-of-the-art LED technology with a very low energy consumption and a long service life for both indoor and outdoor use.

Modern downlights can be used as new indoor features and for atmospheric garden lighting. With the latest LED technology energy consumption is low and the service life of the products is long.

LED lights in buildings
Attractive wall-mounted lamps and practical ceiling spots create a warm and stylish atmosphere in your living spaces. High-quality materials and LED chips from renowned manufacturers as well as modern design underline the quality of our products.

LED lights on buildings and in gardens
Efficient LED outdoor lighting not only provides comfort, safety and better orientation, it also lends the garden an architectural character. maxLUCE outdoor lighting combines aesthetic and functional characteristics. Resistance to rain, snow and other weather conditions was a key criterion in the development of these products.

Work lights
With maxLUCE work lights you can illuminate your work surface simply and easily. The flexibly positionable work lights shine brightly where you need them thanks to their LED technology. The range includes both battery-operated and mains-operated lamps.

MAX HAURI AG is not only a supplier of components for lighting technology, but also regards itself as a system provider. In addition to lamps, our product range also includes operating devices and connection components with IP44 to IP68 protection ratings.

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maxLUCE – in buildings

Discover maxLUCE lamps for use in buildings. Efficient, easy to install and stylish.

maxLUCE – on buildings

Discover maxLUCE lamps for use on buildings. As they comply with the required protection rating, you can use the outdoor lights without risk even in wet and snowy conditions.

maxLUCE – work lights

Discover the maxLUCE work lights. Flexible and powerful for use on construction sites – both indoors and outdoors.

Easy fitting in any installation situation

maxLUCE lamps are particularly easy to install. The following video shows some examples of how to install maxLUCE LED spots. Please contact us if you have any installation questions, we would be happy to be of assistance.


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