maxCONNECT – smart networked furniture

The maxCONNECT range is tailored for the electrical installations in offices, meeting rooms and furniture. The carefully compiled range features high-quality products. These include tabletop connection panels (surface-mounted solutions and integrated solutions), power strips, cable management and power distribution units (PDUs). All maxCONNECT products include excellent service and are therefore an all-round, carefree package for professional electrical office and furniture installations.

Tabletop connection panels for professional use

Tabletop connection panels are used for electrical installations at workplaces and in meeting rooms. The elegant MAX HAURI AG range combines functionality and aesthetics.

The maxCONNECT solutions SUPRA, PRISMA and CUBO can be attached and detached to and from the table very easily with clamps - without any time-consuming work on the furniture. The connection panels can be individually equipped with multimedia modules. These include power supply sockets, USB-A and USB-C ports as well as multimedia interfaces.

The recessed maxCONNECT solutions disappear inconspicuously into the furniture and reliably provide power and multimedia connections for workstations. The compact ATOM, ORBIT and BIT versions are ideal for individual or desk-sharing workstations as well as for seating areas in central zones. The INTRO 2.0, BOX, TOP and MEETING versions elegantly provide multiple connections in individual configurations for furniture in any boardroom or conference room.

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Surface-mounted solutions

Discover the practical surface-mounted solutions that enable assembly and disassembly without working on the table.

Integrated installation solutions for meeting rooms

The integrated solutions for meeting rooms elegantly disappear into the meeting or conference table.

Compact integrated solutions

The compact integrated solutions provide inconspicuous power connections for workstations and meeting places.

Power strips and cable management

MAX HAURI AG's socket strips ensure the highest quality and complement the range of tabletop connection panels for power distribution. Discover various power strips for your individual requirements. Organise offices and boardrooms effectively with the compatible cable management solutions.

Power strips

The power strips for professional use are characterised by the highest quality, safety and aesthetics.


The maxTEX CUBE is an elegant power strip that reliably supplies power to several devices.

Cable management

With the extensive cable management range from MAX HAURI AG, effective organisation is possible in every situation.


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