• IP55
  • Dust & contact protection
  • Water jet protection

Dust & water jet protection IP55

Products marked with IP55 guarantee complete protection against water jets, contact and dust and also meet the higher requirements regarding mechanical durability of the SN 441011 standard. The range, which has been awarded the Swiss S+ safety mark, also meets the highest standards in terms of electrical safety.

The typical areas of application for IP55 products can be found in outdoor and leisure areas, but also in commercial, industrial and public facilities. MAX HAURI AG supplies the right product for all your applications. The complete range with switches, buttons, connectors, sockets, couplings, extension cables and multiple distributors leaves nothing to be desired and ensures resilience and guaranteed reliability.

What does IP55 stand for?

“IP" stands for International Protection. The first digit "5" stands for complete protection against dust and physical contact. The second digit "5" confirms that the product is protected against water jets.

  • International Protection
  • Dust & contact protection
  • Water jet protection
IP = International Protection
IP5X = Dust and contact protection
IPX5 = Water jet protection

Validity of the SN 441011 standard

The requirements for IP55 protection are specified in the SN 441011 standard, and the following regulations apply:

  • Since 1 March, 2022: The SN 441011 standard must be applied. Production and import of products and devices with connectors and sockets according to the SN SEV 1011 standard are prohibited from this date.
  • 1 January 2025: Products and devices with connectors and sockets according to the previous standard SN SEV 1011 must be withdrawn from sale and sales areas.

IP55 products in use

In the field

Connectors / Mobile sockets / Extensions / Cable reels / Timers

Designed for use in the harsh environment of construction sites, horticultural and agricultural facilities.

In the industry

Switches / Buttons / Sockets / Combinations / Connectors / Mobile sockets / Extensions / Multiple distributors / Cable reels / Timers

For the special requirements in the trade/industrial sectors.

On buildings

Sockets / Switches / Buttons / Combinations

Safe and aesthetic solution for outdoor, commercial and public facilities as well as recreational areas.

Questions and answers concerning the SN 441011 standard

This is what the SN 441011 standard contains

The requirements to be met by connectors and sockets for domestic and similar purposes are defined by the Swiss standard SN 441011. This also includes requirements for multiple and intermediate adapters, travel and fixed adapters, power strips and extension cables. For the first time, the Swiss system has been extended in the new standard with IP55 sockets and connectors.

Which protection is provided by IP55?

The IP55 protection rating includes both full dust and contact protection (IP5X) and protection against water jets (IPX5). For sockets this safety is guaranteed both when the IP55 connector is inserted and when the hinged lid is closed.

Which applications require a mandatory IP55 connector?

Products that are primarily used where IP protection higher than IP20 is required must have IP55 connectors. This applied in particular to equipment used in agricultural and horticultural operations, on construction sites and in outdoor areas. Even for permanently mounted sockets on unprotected exterior walls or in wetrooms, only tested IP55 products may be used. The same applies to power supplies for robotic mowers, construction power distributors, pond pumps etc., where IP55 protection must also be complied with.

What must be observed when repairing or replacing a permanently installed socket?

If a degree of protection higher than IP21 is required at the installation site, a conventional NAP or NUP socket may be used until the end of the transition period on December 31, 2024. From the cut-off date on 1 January 2025, NIN 2025 stipulates that an IP55 socket is mandatory if the installation situation requires a protection rating higher than IP21 (environment > AD2) and if the affected socket must be disconnected from the connections.

What applies to if a hinged lid is replaced for repair purposes?

It is permitted to replace the lid of a hinged lid socket for repair purposes. However, a suitable original part must be used. After repair work is completed, the original IP protection rating must also be restored.

Is it permitted to convert existing devices and connectors to IP55 protection?

Yes, this is permitted. Recessed sockets of cable reels and construction power distributors that are in use may be brought up to IP55 standard by replacing the old IP44 socket with a new IP55 recessed socket.

What are the exceptions for outdoor applications?

Exceptions apply to devices that are only used temporarily outdoors. Such devices do not need to be converted. This category of equipment includes garden cable reels, connecting cables of lawn mowers, and other (mostly hand-held) garden tools that are in use outdoors for a short period of time. Good to know: Even an extension cable which is occasionally needed for an electric barbecue does not have to have an IP55 protection rating.

Will a standard IP20 connector fit into an IP55 socket?

Yes, most common IP20 connectors are compatible and can be inserted into the new IP55 sockets. Backward compatibility is also ensured, IP55 connectors can also be plugged into IP20/21 sockets indoors.

Can an IP44 connector be inserted into an IP55 socket?

No, most "rubber plugs" that have been suitable for outdoor use up to now do not fit into the new IP55 sockets at all, or only to a limited extent. Never use force to establish such a connection in this combination!

Which IP55 products does MAX HAURI AG supply?

MAX HAURI AG supplies a wide product portfolio that complies with the SN 441011 standard with the IP55 protection rating. All these products are excellently suited for outdoor use, on construction sites, in wetrooms, for agricultural and horticultural operations, event and industrial environments.

Which devices should be operated with IP55 products?

Products that have a higher degree of protection than IP21, e.g. pond pumps, pressure cleaners, products on construction sites such as concrete mixers, compressors. Our IP55 extension cables and power strips are ideally suited for supplying power.

What are the other advantages of MAX HAURI AG products?

The ergonomic and easy-grip design guarantees simple insertion and removal. The cable sheath of the extensions, made of neoprene rubber, is also oil-resistant and very robust. Furthermore the IP55 connectors and mobile sockets are guaranteed to be dustproof and jet waterproof even when plugged in. They can, however, be easily inserted and removed.

Can a fixed adapter be connected to a foreign IP44 connector?

No, this is not permitted. The foreign connector must be cut off and replaced with an appropriate IP55 connector.

Overview of the IP protection classes

First digit
Protection against the penetration of foreign bodies
Second digit
Protection against water
No protection
No protection
Protection against ingress of solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 50 mm or more
Protection against vertically falling water drops
Protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter of 12.5 mm or more
Protection against diagonally falling water drops with an inclination of up to 15 degrees
Protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter of 2.5 mm or more
Protection against diagonally sprayed water up to 60 degrees
Protection against ingress of solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 1 mm or more
Protection against splash water from all sides
Protected against dust
Protection against water jets
Protection against powerful water jets
Protection against temporary immersion in water
Protection against continuous immersion in water