modino reduces the risk of transmission in daily life

The modino products have an antibacterial effect. Due to the high-quality materials used, the spread of bacteria and germs is prevented by removing the breeding ground for any pathogens. This significantly reduces the risk of infection to residents, patients, guests and employees. This effect is permanent, it does not degrade and is not reduced by wiping or cleaning.

Whether in the healthcare sector, airports, hotels, restaurants, changing rooms or sanitary areas: In all these places, a number of people meet in a confined space. The special material of modino surfaces provides more safety for guests, customers and visitors.


In hospitals, nursing homes and in the general healthcare sector, hygiene and the prevention of disease transmission are always top priorities. For this reason, surfaces with antibacterial properties play a particularly important role in these environments. The focus is on electric switches and buttons which are used by a large number of people every day.

Changing and sanitary facilities

Germ-free cleanliness is a key issue in public changing rooms and sanitary facilities. modino is also the right choice in these hygienically sensitive environments.

Public areas

Many people come together every day in restaurants, hotels, airports, schools and shopping malls. For this reason high priority is given to preventing the transmission of germs and bacteria in such facilities. modino with its antibacterial material also makes an important contribution in this respect.

Tested safety

The modino products are certified by the independent, external institute "Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil und Kunststoffe".

The following efficiency has been confirmed: “Very good antibacterial effect”

Value R
R < 0.5
No antibacterial effect
0.5 ≤ R < 2
Slight antibacterial effect
2 ≤ R < Rmax
Good antibacterial effect
R = Rmax
Very good antibacterial effect