Interesting knowledge about electricity and light

Discover exciting articles on the topics of electricity, power distribution and lighting in various areas such as camping, construction site, garden, home and in the office. Learn practical tips and useful tricks in dealing with electricity for more comfort and to ensure your safety. Immerse yourself in the world of electrical engineering and learn about the latest developments and technologies.


Safe power distribution is essential when camping, connect devices correctly, avoid overloads, enjoy the camping experience.


Get tips, ideas and products for an optimal power supply and atmospheric lighting in your home.

Construction site and workshop

Discover inspiring ideas, practical tips and suitable products to optimally supply your workshop with power and illuminate it effectively.


For power supply in the garden, it is advisable to use weatherproof sockets with at least IP55 protection rating to ensure safe and protected outdoor use.


Appropriate lighting and light colours are crucial for different rooms at home - warm light for cosiness, bright, cooler light for functionality.


In the office, a secure power supply is crucial for efficient lighting and flexible equipment use.