Power distribution and light for camping

Power distribution and lighting play an important role in creating comfort and atmosphere when camping. Campsites often offer power outlets for charging devices. Alternatively, you can use solar chargers or power banks. Torches, headlamps, camping lanterns or LED lights are recommended for lighting. LED fairy lights or LED candles create a cosy atmosphere. Look for energy-saving LEDs and safe placement of the light sources. A reliable power supply and suitable lighting allow for a pleasant camping experience and prevent accidents with electricity.

Power distribution at the campsite: CEE plug

A reliable power supply is essential for having a good time while camping.

Camping lighting

The right lighting for camping creates a safe and cosy atmosphere, whether for outdoor activities, pitching the tent or relaxing by the campfire.

IP55 protection

The IP55 protection rating provides reliable protection against dust and water jets and is therefore ideal for power supply when camping.