Guide to the power supply for camping: The CEE plug and its advantages

Camping is one of the most popular leisure activities among the Swiss and offers the opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy nature. But to have an enjoyable time camping, a reliable power supply is essential. In this ultimate guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the power supply when camping with a CEE plug. Campsites usually offer power points, but these usually have limited capacities. It is therefore important to ensure that you have the right equipment to optimise your power supply. MAX HAURI AG offers a wide range of products for power supply when camping.

The CEE plug

An important term you will often hear when camping is the CEE plug. This special plug is designed for outdoor use and has a high load capacity. So if you have electricity available at a campsite or pitch, you can use the CEE plug to supply your motorhome or tent with electricity. Another advantage of the CEE plug is its international use. The CEE plug is common in many European countries and allows campers to use their power supply abroad. However, it is important to note that some countries may use different standards and plugs. It is therefore advisable to research the local power supply standards before travelling abroad and, if necessary, take an appropriate adapter with you.

Cable reels for power distribution

A cable reel is another useful tool for power supply when camping. With a cable reel, you can easily and neatly roll up and transport the power cable. This is especially practical if you have to cover longer cable distances or want to supply different devices with power.

When choosing a cable reel, you should consider the size according to your needs and intended use. There are different sizes and lengths of cable reels so you can choose the right one for your individual requirements. A compact cable reel is ideal for short cable runs or use in smaller tents, while a larger cable reel is suitable for longer distances or larger camping areas. Make sure you always unwind the cable reel completely when camping to avoid overheating and a possible fire.

CEE system for the camping trip

Discover the products of MAX HAURI AG that are perfect for your camping trip. For example, CEE angle couplings, adapter cables or CEE extension cables.

Cable reels for the camping trip

With the cable reels from MAX HAURI AG, you are perfectly equipped for your next camping trip.


Solar power banks provide environmentally friendly and portable power for your electronic devices when camping.

Safety instructions for the use of electricity when camping

When it comes to safety when camping, the IP55 protection rating is an important factor. The IP55 protection rating means that the product is protected against splashing water and dust. This is especially important when you use your power supply outdoors. A camping lamp is an indispensable accessory for any camping trip. MAX HAURI AG offers various types of camping lamps that can be operated either by a power supply or batteries.

If you are travelling by motorhome, a safety box is a good investment. A Safety Box protects your electronic devices and can be very helpful during thunderstorms or heavy rain. Here are some camping power tips and tricks that can help make your trip safer and less stressful:


  • Always use high quality and safe products. Look for the safety sign S+
  • Before connecting your devices, check whether the power supply is sufficient and whether your devices could be overloaded.
  • Avoid getting cables and connectors wet and ensure that they are dry and free of dirt. In particular, connectors should not be placed in areas where waterlogging or puddles can form.
  • When camping, please always unwind the cable reel completely for use.
  • Make sure that your power supply has adequate fuse protection and use a safety box if necessary.
  • If you use a lamp outdoors, make sure it is splash-proof and provides sufficient brightness.
  • If necessary, take an adapter with you to be able to use your power supply abroad.

These tips and tricks should help you to make your power supply safer and less stressful when camping. If you have any further questions or need help choosing the right products, please feel free to contact MAX HAURI AG.

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