Power supply in the workshop

A well-equipped workshop is essential to work effectively and safely. Adequate power supply, lighting and storage space are therefore crucial. Here are some tips that can help you set up your workshop in the best possible way.

Power supply at the workbench

The workbench is the centre of every workshop. A good power supply is therefore essential. A power strip or multiple socket is a good choice here to supply your workbench with power. Make sure you choose a power strip with enough sockets and overload protection to protect your tools and machines from damage.

Charging battery tools

Battery tools are practical and give you more freedom to work. However, to ensure that your batteries are fully charged at all times, you need a charger. If you have several batteries, a quick switch between them can also be helpful to avoid interrupting your work.

Power tools

Power tools such as drills or grinders need a stable power supply to perform at their best. Therefore, make sure you have a sufficient number of sockets near your power tools. A power strip with built-in overload protection can also be beneficial here.

Storage space

A tidy workshop is a safe workshop. To ensure that your workshop stays tidy, you need sufficient storage space for your tools and accessories. Place shelves, cabinets or toolboxes near your workbench to keep your tools close at hand. Cable boxes, cable ties and cable guides can also help keep your cables and wires neat and organised.

Power distribution and CEE sockets

If you use powerful equipment such as band saws or welding equipment, you may need a sub-box or distribution box to ensure that you have sufficient power available. A CEE socket can also be a good choice to safely run equipment with higher power requirements. Always make sure that your power supply meets your needs and is adequately fused.

Lighting / Work lights

Good lighting is important to work safely and effectively. Make sure your workshop is sufficiently lit, especially in dark corners and angles. Work lights or spotlights can help to specifically illuminate certain work areas. Especially for work that cannot be done in the workshop itself, battery-powered work lights offer practical advantages due to their flexible placement.

Work lights

Discover the work lights from MAX HAURI AG, optionally with battery operation or corded.

Cable reels

With cable reels, you remain flexible in your workshop and can supply power to several devices at the same time.

Power strips

Power strips allow you to use multiple power outlets on your workbench. By using switches, you can easily disconnect all connected devices from the power supply by pressing a button.

CEE sockets

To ensure an optimal power supply in the workshop, it makes sense to install a sub-distribution or main distribution. Such a distribution makes it possible to distribute power to different places in the workshop and ensure that all devices and machines are sufficiently supplied with power. The use of CEE sockets for equipment with higher power requirements is also important to avoid overloads. In any case, the installation of sockets should be left to a specialist.

In summary, a well-organised and equipped workshop is of great importance for effective and safe work. An optimal power supply, sufficient storage space, adequate lighting and a proper organisation of tools and materials are crucial to avoid accidents and to ensure a high quality of work.

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