Garden lighting

Well-planned lighting can give your garden an inviting atmosphere and increase safety at the same time. At MAX HAURI AG, we offer a wide range of products that are perfect for garden lighting. From LED garden spotlights and wall lights to fairy lights and ceiling lights, you will find everything you need to illuminate your outdoor area.

The right lighting can transform your garden into a unique and appealing environment. Here are some tips for planning your garden lighting:

  • Consider what goal you want to achieve with the garden lighting. Do you want to highlight certain plants or objects, illuminate the garden as a whole or create a cosy atmosphere?
  • Use different light sources: Make sure you use different types of lights to create pleasant lighting. For example, combine garden spotlights with fairy lights to create a moody atmosphere.
  • Accentuate specific areas: Use lighting to highlight specific areas of your garden, such as plants, garden paths or seating areas.
  • Avoid over-exposure: Over-exposure can make your garden look artificial and detract from the view of natural features. Make sure you plan your lighting accordingly to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Think about how you want to supply the lights with power. There are various options for this, such as cables or solar lights. Observe the safety regulations and only use products that are intended for outdoor use.

Garden spots

Garden spots set targeted lighting accents and bring out the beauty of plants and garden features - an elegant and effective lighting solution for outdoor areas.

Ceiling lights

Surface-mounted ceiling luminaires in the garden are an excellent way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while providing sufficient lighting.

Wall lights

Garden wall lights are a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to illuminate the outdoor area and create an inviting atmosphere. These luminaires are mounted on the walls of buildings or garden walls and offer a versatile lighting solution.

Range of outdoor luminaires and garden spotlights

MAX HAURI AG offers a wide range of lights that are perfect for lighting in the garden. Here are some of our products:

LED garden spotlights

Our garden spotlights are ideal for highlighting specific areas of your garden. LED technology is safe, reliable and energy efficient.

Wall lights and ceiling lights

Our wall lights can be mounted on the house wall or on a wall to illuminate the garden.

Our ceiling lights are ideal for illuminating the seating area on the terrace or balcony.

Fairy lights

Our fairy lights are perfect for creating a moody atmosphere or highlighting a specific spot in the garden.

Safety instructions for the use of electricity in the garden

When using electrical equipment in the garden, it is particularly important to pay attention to safety. Electricity and moisture are a dangerous combination, so always use products designed for this purpose. Look for a protection standard of IP44 or higher when using electrical appliances for the garden. Plugs and sockets should have a protection standard of IP55. Also pay attention to the following safety instructions:

  • Only use appliances with an intact cable and plug to avoid electric shocks.
  • Use of plugs and sockets with protection class IP55.
  • Sockets must always be protected by a fuse and residual current circuit breaker (RCD).
  • Always unplug an appliance before cleaning or servicing it.
  • Always store electrical appliances in a dry and safe place to avoid moisture damage.
  • Be careful not to cut the power supply cable with garden tools such as lawn mowers or hedge trimmers. You should know where the cable is at all times. Ideally, the cable should have a signal colour so that it is easily visible.

A reliable power supply in the garden is indispensable to operate electrical devices safely and effectively. The products of MAX HAURI AG offer a wide range of options to make the power supply in the garden flexible and safe. With the right safety measures and the appropriate equipment, you can enjoy a beautiful and well-kept garden without having to do without electrical helpers.

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