Power supply in the garden

Here you will find everything you need for a safe and effective power supply in your garden. We offer a wide range of products such as cable reels, sockets, socket strips, extension cables and garden spikes, which have been specially designed for outdoor use and meet the highest safety standards.

Power supply in the garden - What you should look out for

Power supply in the garden can be a challenge, but with a few important tips you can ensure that all your equipment is running effectively and safely. There are two basic types of power supply in the garden: fixed sockets and flexible power distribution.

Permanently installed sockets

It can be useful to install fixed sockets at various locations in the garden. This way you always have a power source available without having to rely on extension cords. However, please note that the installation of sockets requires a professional electrical installation company. Only sockets with protection class IP55 may be used outdoors.

Flexible power distribution

For extending the power supply or for temporary power distribution, flexible power distribution is a good option. Here, extension cables or power strips are used to distribute power to different locations in the garden. Make sure that you use extension cables or socket strips with IP55 protection that are suitable for outdoor use.

Use of equipment in the garden

There are numerous electrical devices in the garden that are necessary for maintenance and operation. Commonly used devices include hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and robotic lawn mowers. Special garden cable reels are available in the MAX HAURI AG range. The devices are connected to the type 13 coupling, which is located on the coiled cable, while the power is supplied via a short connection cable. This allows the connected devices great freedom of movement while the cable reel remains close to the power source.

Garden cable reels

Special garden cable reels are ideal for operating equipment such as hedge trimmers, trimmers, lawnmowers or similar.

Garden spits and socket columns

With a garden spike, the power supply in the garden can be flexibly extended without the need to call in a specialist.

For example, for the power supply of the charging station of a robotic lawnmower.

Switches and sockets for outdoor use

modino exo switches and socket outlets are designed for outdoor use and offer IP55 protection. Always have permanently installed socket outlets installed by a specialist.

Safety instructions for the use of electricity in the garden

When using electrical equipment in the garden, it is particularly important to pay attention to safety. Electricity and moisture are a dangerous combination, so always use products designed for this purpose. Look for the IP55 protection standard when using electrical appliances for the garden. Also pay attention to the following safety instructions:

  • Only use appliances with an intact cable and plug to avoid electric shocks.
  • Use of products with protection class IP55 or higher.
  • Sockets should always be protected by a fuse or a residual current circuit breaker (RCD).
  • Always unplug an appliance before cleaning or servicing it.
  • Always store electrical appliances in a dry and safe place to avoid moisture damage.
  • Be careful not to cut the power supply cable with garden tools such as lawn mowers or hedge trimmers. You should know where the cable is at all times. Ideally, the cable has a signal colour so that it is easily visible.

A reliable power supply in the garden is indispensable to operate electrical devices safely and effectively. The products of MAX HAURI AG offer a wide range of options to make the power supply in the garden flexible and safe. With the right safety measures and the appropriate equipment, you can enjoy a beautiful and well-kept garden without having to do without electrical helpers.

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