Setting up a home office: clever cable management

In recent years, the home office has become increasingly popular. But what is the best way to set up a home office? In this article we will look at various topics that are important when setting up a home office.

A home office offers many advantages. You save the commute, you can arrange your working hours more flexibly and often have a quieter working atmosphere than in the office. So it's no wonder that more and more people want to work from home.

It is important, however, that the home office is beautifully and ergonomically designed. This means that you should make sure that you create a pleasant working environment in which you feel comfortable and can also work healthily at the same time.

Sitting and standing table

The sitting and standing desk plays an important role here. An ergonomic desk makes it possible to adopt the correct sitting position to avoid back and neck problems. A standing desk, on the other hand, makes it possible to work standing up in between and thus relieve the body. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages and should be individually adapted to the needs of the user.

Power distribution and cable management

Another important aspect of setting up a home office is the power supply and cable management. This is where products like power strips, cable guides, cable boxes and cable ties come in handy. They help keep the workplace tidy and safe and prevent tripping hazards caused by cables lying around. When choosing your power strip, make sure that it has integrated overload protection and offers enough sockets. With the USB Charger from MAX HAURI conveniently charges your devices with USB-A or USB-C connection. Cable guides and boxes can help hide cables behind the desk for a tidy look. Power strips with switches allow devices to be completely disconnected from the power supply. This helps save electricity when the home office is not in use.

Power distribution on the office desk

Distribute power in the home office in style with maxTEX brand power strips. maxTEX CUBE is our designer power strip that enhances your workspace.

Cable management

Cable clutter is a thing of the past. With the cable management solutions from MAX HAURI AG, you can bring order to your home office.

Wireless Charger

With the chargers from MAX HAURI AG, you will never run out of power. Convenient wireless or classic mobile phone charging.


Lighting also plays an important role in the home office. A well-lit workplace not only creates a pleasant atmosphere, but also helps to prevent fatigue. A combination of daylight and artificial lighting is ideal here. A desk lamp can be part of the furnishings to specifically illuminate work areas and create a pleasant atmosphere. Dimmable ceiling lights are also well suited to illuminating the home office.

Furnishing a home office requires some planning and attention. It is important to create an ergonomic and beautiful working environment that meets the requirements of working from home.

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