The right lighting in the home office

Lighting in the home office plays a crucial role in your productivity and well-being at work. In this blog post, we will look at various aspects of lighting, from the ideal light colour and tips for screen work to different types of luminaires that will optimally illuminate your office.

The ideal light colour for work

The colour of light has a significant influence on our concentration and performance. A neutral to cold white light colour (approx. 4000-6000 Kelvin) is recommended for the home office, as it promotes alertness and reduces eye fatigue. Warm light (approx. 2700-3000 Kelvin), on the other hand, is better suited for relaxed work phases or evening hours.

Tips for lighting when working with computer screens

When working at a screen, glare-free lighting is particularly important to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Position your light sources so that they do not shine directly onto the screen but illuminate the room evenly. A combination of ceiling lights and recessed spotlights can provide a good solution to ensure glare-free light.

The screen brightness

An important aspect for the health of your eyes when working at a screen is the screen brightness and the use of blue filters. Make sure that the brightness of your screen is set correctly to minimise glare and reduce eye strain. The correct brightness of the screen should be approximately the same as the ambient brightness so as not to strain your eyes. Modern screens often have built-in blue filters that can be activated to reduce the harmful blue light emitted by screens that can interfere with sleep. By adjusting the screen brightness and activating blue filters, you can protect your eyes from strain and make your working environment even more comfortable.

Ideal light direction and luminaires

The right direction of light can also make a big difference. Uniform illumination from above creates a pleasant working atmosphere and minimises shadows. LED ceiling lights provide excellent general lighting, while swivelling LED spotlights can illuminate specific work areas. Free-standing luminaires are a flexible option for bringing additional light into the room and emphasising specific areas.

LED Spots

LED technology is safe, reliable and energy-efficient. LED spotlights can be used to create a productive atmosphere in the home office.

Surface-mounted ceiling light

Surface-mounted ceiling lights are easy to install and provide excellent and flexible lighting in the home office.


Well thought-out lighting is essential for working productively and healthily in the home office. Choose a light colour that promotes your concentration, make sure you have glare-free light when working at a computer screen and focus on the optimum direction of light and the right luminaires for your workplace. With the right lighting, you can create an inspiring and motivating working environment in which you can achieve your goals efficiently.

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