Efficient power distribution in an open-plan office

Open-plan offices offer numerous advantages such as open communication and increased collaboration. In order for you to make the most of this working environment, efficient power distribution is essential. Learn here how you can optimise your open-plan office workspace through targeted measures to ensure smooth operations, high comfort and sustainable working practices.

Analysis of the individual power requirements in the open-plan office:

A detailed analysis of the power requirements enables you to precisely determine the required power capacity and the number of sockets needed in the open-plan office. Also take into account the need for desk-sharing workstations, which place higher demands on flexible power distribution. By strategically placing sockets in the open-plan office, you can ensure an even distribution of the load and avoid overloads.

Connection panels for workstations

Discover the practical add-on solutions that enable assembly and disassembly without working at the table. The professional maxCONNECT SUPRA and PRISMA desk connection panels are the ideal solutions for individual workstations.

Connection panels for meeting rooms

The built-in solutions for meeting rooms disappear elegantly into the meeting or conference table.

Cable management

Effective cable management in the office keeps the working environment tidy and organised by neatly routing and securing cables to avoid clutter and potential trip hazards.

Power Distribution Unit

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are critical components for efficient power distribution in server environments.

Effective cable management

Neat cable management in an open-plan office is crucial to avoid tripping hazards and ensure safety. Use cable ducts, cable ties or floor channels to lay cables neatly and make it easier to identify cables. Also note the special requirements for PDUs (power distribution units) to distribute power to the servers.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) play a crucial role in efficient power distribution in the open-plan office. A PDU is a device that distributes power from a single power source to multiple outlets. This provides a centralised power supply for various electronic devices, especially servers. PDUs not only provide a convenient solution for organising and distributing power, but also the ability to monitor and control power consumption. With advanced PDUs, you can track the power consumption of individual devices, turn the power on and off on a scheduled basis and even prevent power overload. A well-planned and managed PDU infrastructure helps maximise the efficiency of the power supply in the open-plan office while ensuring the safety and performance of electronic equipment.

Use of desk connection panels and desk sharing in the open-plan office

Desk connection panels provide convenient and tidy power supply directly on the work surfaces in the open-plan office. Integrate power sockets, USB connections and network sockets into the table tops to create a flexible working environment for desk-sharing workstations. Take into account the individual requirements of the employees and the duration of use of the workstations. Table connection panels are also helpful for meeting rooms, allowing charging options and multimedia connections to be placed directly at the meeting table.

Energy-saving measures and sustainability in the open-plan office

Energy-saving measures play an important role in reducing electricity consumption and saving costs. Rely on energy-efficient lighting systems, motion sensors and intelligent controls. By consciously using energy-saving measures, you can not only lower your operating costs, but also reduce your ecological footprint.

Efficient power distribution in the open-plan office is crucial for smooth operations, high comfort and sustainable working practices. By analysing individual power needs, strategically placing sockets, managing cables effectively, using desk connection panels and considering desk-sharing workstations, you can optimise the office layout. Also think about energy-saving measures to reduce costs and work in a more environmentally friendly way. This will make your open-plan office an efficient, comfortable and sustainable working environment for all employees.

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