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Event and trade fair facility management

We provide the perfect solution for a host of events or trade fairs.

High-quality products, such as extensions facilitate energy management and supply to desired locations.

We also provide matching cable organisation elements to make MAX HAURI AG a comprehensive supplier.

Event with fairy lights

The event industry is in high demand for durable and (if possible) black or dark products. If possible, sockets must not provide increased contact protection. Increased contact protection for sockets is generally known as "child safety protection". This child safety protection may cause issues if plugs are frequently plugged in and out of sockets. For this reason, we can provide a professional range that is available without child safety protection and additional switches. And it goes without saying that the products are also available in black.

We offer multimedia panels for installation in standardised 19" racks for event engineering. Power, data, images and sound merged in a 19" panel. We also offer multi-phase multiple socket outlets for vertical installation within the rack to configure our products flexibly and in modules.

We supply the power for our customers' hotels and office environments using tabletop sockets made by Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG. Flush and surface-mounted versions are available. The multiple socket outlets can be customised and equipped with different, country-specific sockets, if necessary. Data, audio and video connections can also be integrated into the multiple socket outlets. For this purpose, select individual modules for installation. We exclusively provide multiple socket outlets and plug contacts in compliance with all standards. We also supply connector type 12 with large opening (11.5 mm) and other equipment connectors for the event industry in order to meet your specific needs.


If requested, we will take care of the entire, customised cable configurations. Shrink-fit hoses are applied to our high-quality rubber extension leads so customers can subsequently label the cables. Be it equipment extensions or equipment cables featuring C13 and C19 sockets, we provide outstanding quality according to Swiss standards.


We can provide the matching temporary connectors should you spend significant amounts of time abroad and use different connectors from various countries. For instance: Schuko to CH type 12. We also provide permanent adapters in addition to the temporary connector solution. Once connected, they can no longer be removed.


Our customers include event engineers, sound engineers as well as theatre and stage designers.

Ask our sales advisers for the matching solution.


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