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Electrical engineerings of a different kind

Electrical installations at workplaces and in office environments (facility & office solutions):

MAX HAURI AG facility & office solutions establish connections.

Energy and data is delivered exactly to where they are needed. We offer elegant and practical solutions to supply energy and data to office, training and conference facilities. We are a strong and flexible system provider thanks to the matching cable organisation range.


We provide tabletop connection panels to significantly boost and optimise convenience. Consequently, you can use desks and conference furniture for several user groups. Power for laptops, tablets, smartphones and projectors is provided on the tabletop. Data, audio and video connections are also available. Tabletop connection panels can be configured with any type of media connection. Thanks to these integrated desk solutions, contemporary office environments meet the demands of our modern ways of working, such as hot desk solutions or co-working spaces. We focus on long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers. In addition to our own power strips we use tabletop connection panels made by German manufacturer Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG for our high-end segment products. Connection fields that have been fully or partly integrated into tabletops and furniture surfaces are fully geared towards your demands.


We provide the option to integrate international power connections, such as Schuko, etc., in addition to Swiss socket types 13 or 23. Consequently, globally operating companies will be ideally prepared for their customers and employees. Thanks to these options, our products are now also relevant to the hotel industry as well as the audio, video, event and trade fair stand design sectors.


We also offer the matching USB chargers that can be installed as individual modules or be fully integrated into the socket unit. There is also capacity to integrated network and data sockets as well as video and audio connections. If necessary, the flexible modules (custom modules) can be retrospectively converted to guarantee they stay up to date. 


New technologies, such as wireless charging are consistently gaining popularity and have become more widely accepted now. Use these components to wirelessly charge various terminals. In this context, we collaborate with our Spanish partner MiniBatt.


Thanks to the matching cable organisation units it is possible to conceal cables and route them as tidy bundles between origin and destination. Consequently, it is possible to simply and cost-efficiently remove potential tripping hazards with flexible cable ducts or tubes. Cable chains or skeletons are available in the most diverse colours and shapes. Q-Lab provides us with cable skeletons and additional, matching components.


Our customers include office furniture manufacturers and retailers, cabinet makers, joiners, electricians, planners and architects. Our products are suitable for clamping, screw connections, integrated assembly or attachment using magnets. Ask our sales advisers for the matching solution.

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