Éclairage dans la salle de bain

A well-lit bathroom is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functionally important. In particular, choosing the right lighting can have a major impact on the atmosphere and safety of your bathroom.

What are downlights with an IP65 protection rating?

Downlights are recessed luminaires that are set into the ceiling and provide direct, downward lighting. The IP protection rating indicates the degree of protection against the ingress of water and dust. IP65 means that the lights are dustproof and also protected against water jets from any angle. This makes them ideal for use in damp rooms such as bathrooms.

The advantages of downlights with IP65 protection in the bathroom

  • Safety: As bathrooms are often damp rooms, it is important that the lighting meets the relevant safety standards. Downlights with an IP65 protection rating offer reliable protection against moisture and reduce the risk of short circuits or other electrical problems.
  • Stylish design: downlights are aesthetically pleasing and improve the appearance of your bathroom. They can be seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and provide even illumination without taking up valuable space.
  • Energy efficiency: Many downlights are equipped with energy-saving LED lamps, which not only protect the environment but also reduce your energy costs. Thanks to their long service life, they also need to be replaced less frequently, which means additional savings.
  • Versatility: Downlights are available in different colours and light colours, so you can choose the perfect option for your bathroom. You can use individual lights to illuminate specific areas or install multiple lights to evenly illuminate the entire room.


Downlights with an IP65 protection rating are an excellent choice for lighting your bathroom. Not only do they provide a safe and efficient lighting solution, but they can also improve the appearance of your bathroom and help to save energy. Invest in high quality downlights to create a bright, stylish and safe bathroom that you can enjoy every day.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are a popular choice for general lighting in the bathroom. They can come in a variety of sizes and styles and provide bright and even lighting in the room. It is important to choose a ceiling light that is moisture resistant and has the correct IP rating to ensure it is suitable for use in the bathroom.

Mirror lighting

Bathroom mirror lighting is crucial to ensure adequate illumination for applying make-up, shaving or brushing teeth. One way to achieve this is to use mirror lighting. These can be available in the form of LED strips or mirror lights. LED mirror lights provide clear and precise lighting and can be available in different sizes and styles to suit the bathroom décor.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting can be used to emphasise certain features in the bathroom, such as a freestanding bath or an art installation. This can be achieved by using LED spotlights or LED strips to illuminate the desired object.

Spots à LED

La technologie LED est sûre, fiable et efficace sur le plan énergétique. Les spots LED permettent de créer une atmosphère agréable dans la salle de bain.

Appliques murales

Les appliques murales dans la salle de bains offrent un éclairage agréable et fonctionnel qui permet d'éclairer la pièce de manière uniforme. Elles créent une atmosphère chaleureuse et assurent une luminosité suffisante.

Plafonniers apparents

Les plafonniers apparents dans la salle de bains offrent un éclairage uniforme et peu encombrant. Ils peuvent être installés ultérieurement, sans devoir procéder à des transformations coûteuses.

Température de couleur

Le choix de la bonne température de couleur peut avoir une grande influence sur l'aspect et l'atmosphère de la salle de bains. Des températures de couleur froides de 5000 à 6000 kelvins peuvent offrir un éclairage lumineux et rafraîchissant, tandis que des températures de couleur plus chaudes de 2700 à 3000 kelvins peuvent créer une atmosphère plus confortable et relaxante.

Placement des luminaires

L'emplacement des luminaires dans la salle de bains est un facteur important dans la planification de l'éclairage. Les plafonniers devraient être installés au centre de la pièce afin d'assurer un éclairage uniforme. L'éclairage des miroirs devrait être positionné de manière à éclairer uniformément le visage et à éviter les ombres. L'éclairage d'accentuation devrait être positionné de manière à mettre en évidence l'objet souhaité.


Un éclairage soigneusement planifié dans la salle de bains peut améliorer l'apparence, la fonctionnalité et la sécurité de la pièce. L'utilisation de luminaires à LED offre un éclairage efficace et respectueux de l'environnement.

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