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The lighting industry is creative, individual and flexible and so are we. We are a fast-acting and competent partner for our customers in terms of lighting technology. With the new LED technology, the entire sector is changing and thus facing severe challenges. We support you in selecting the best components for your products. We turn innovative customer ideas into prototypes. Once series production is launched we take care of wiring and supply assemblies ready for installation or customised components, such as efficient LED ceramics PCBs as well as high-grade metal and plastic components. MAX HAURI AG provides lighting manufacturers with everything from a single source, from brilliant LED PCBs to dimmable ballasts, simple assembly materials and customer-specific connection cables.

As lighting technology specialists we are very familiar with the most important international standards and are happy to support you.


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The light-emitting diode, or in short LED, is a semiconductor design element that emits light. Thanks to technological progress LEDs have become increasingly more efficient over the past few years. Their light output has been persistently enhanced. Today, conventional light sources are being replaced predominantly by LED technology. LEDs' high degree of energy efficiency and service life (service life specifications identical to L90/B10) speak for themselves. These levels are achieved by controlling modules' constant current. As part of our LUGA Shop or LUGA C modules by Vossloh-Schwabe we developed special light colours, such as pearl white or clear white for the textiles industry to meet the applicable, high demands.

Today's demands to lighting are known as Human Centric Lighting HCL and Tunable White. HCL puts humans at the core. Specific light spectra within the warm white and cold white range cause the eyes to influence humans' melatonin and cortisol levels which correspondingly increases or reduces concentration levels of people exposed to the light. These effects have already been verified as part of independent studies. Tunable White is the simpler version, adapting to the current, natural light colour between 2700° Kelvin and 6500° Kelvin (unit of measurement for light colour). In the mornings after the sun has risen, blue light spectra within white light stimulate the human organism. In the evenings, red light spectra in the light create a more tranquil mood to relax our organisms.

Our products are in use as part of high-spec lighting solutions for shopping, office and warehousing facilities. LED modules are available as LED spotlights as well as linear lighting panels. Accurately adapted LED modules and LED drivers or converters achieve high levels of system efficiency. Cutting-edge technologies, such as COB (chip-on-board) and DOB (driver-on-board) represent additional highlights of current LED components. Ceramic boards, such as our LUGA line and specifically developed LED lenses are even more efficient. Ceramics boards optimise temperature management. This extends the service life of LED chips > 100‘000 h (hours).

Standardised DALI bus protocol means you can individually dim, operate and control lights. Standards represent a further, important factor for lighting manufacturers. For instance EN62471, specifying the photobiological safety, an element to determine LEDs' light density.
Our customers include lighting manufacturers, mirror cabinet manufacturers, lighting planners as well as lighting and lamp designers.

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