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Retail: Specialist electrical sales

Are you searching for a range of electrical products? Safe, ecological and at competitive prices? We supply the DIY sector as well as online shops and give competent advice in terms of specifying the range. We design and produce the matching packaging to guarantee uniform electronic product presentation at the point of sale. Cutting-edge IT technologies safeguard professional order processing and logistics.

Comprehensive services (rack bay management, new installations and conversions) round off our service range. Read more in Merchandising services.

However, we will also find a suitable solution for your goods presentation. We provide specialist, demand-based point of sale support.

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Claudio Manser

Claudio Manser


Weidstrasse 16

CH-9220 Bischofszell

Tel. +41 71 424 25 25

Fax +41 71 424 25 90